I Choose My Focus And Get The Best Results

THERE’S NO JOY IN TRYING TO FIX THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD … once you start, you just keep on getting bogged down in more problems. THERE’S NO BENEFIT IN TRYING TO IRON OUT THE PROBLEMS IN A RELATIONSHIP … once you start, you just keep on creating more and more issues. THERE’S NO IMPROVEMENT(…)

From Poverty Thinking to Prosperity Consciousness

From Poverty Thinking to Prosperity Consciousness

I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS TRAINING MYSELF TO HAVE A MORE PROSPEROUS CONSCIOUSNESS When bills came in and I didn’t know how I was going to pay them … • the tendency was to look for ways to get bigger discounts, • the tendency was to get involved in stupid conversations about the rising cost(…)

How To Make Lasting Changes

When making any lasting changes in my life, three things generally need to occur for them to be truly permanent. Sometimes they happen naturally, but most often I deliberately activate my conscious intentions on each of these levels: 1. I change the way I THINK about things that have happened in the past. 2. I(…)

What To Do When Someone Is Upset With Me

I TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT … when people get irate, upset, angry or downright livid about something I’ve said or done. That means they have a “strong passion”, a burning desire and it also means, they care! And I know they’ll get over it so much sooner if – I don’t rationalize, justify or(…)

How To Feel Better About Absolutely Anything

“I once thought that to feel better about something, I needed to change it. Then I realised I didn’t need to change IT at all, I just needed to change what I’m FOCUSING my attention on!” Here Are The Ways I Change My Focus And Feel Better Quickly MAKE PEACE WITH HOW I’M FEELING –(…)

Feeling Bad About Something You’ve Said

Have you ever felt bad, guilty or ashamed of something you’ve said or done? I sure have – I’ve just been through what I would consider to be a fairly dramatic and adventurous week. In the process of writing down the story of what happened and examining things I’d said and done from all aspects,(…)

Why Do We Stay In Unhealthy Relationships?

The main reason we … have relationships, want children, go to sporting matches, start a business, jump out of planes, drive fast or get pets, … is so we can FEEL more!” The strength of our feelings let us know how much we’re participating in life … Extreme fear or intense anger feel much more(…)