TIP #33 … I ONLY HAVE ONE TIP ON HOW TO CHANGE A HABIT … stop talking about the habit you want to change and start talking about what you’d like to be doing instead. It’s easier than you think! ~ Elizabeth Richardson

Jack Canfield (co-author of the best selling Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books) was talking about how long it takes to change a habit in an interview with Real Life Legends Club co founder, Janet Attwood. Some of his points made me think more clearly about the powerful effect that scientific research has to impact our belief system and about another method that works even quicker.

Beliefs Determine Each Success Or Failure …

… If we believe we can do something – we will!
If we believe we can’t do something – we won’t!
Whatever we believe, we always get to be right!

Did You Know …?

… that there’s scientific research to prove that a habit takes from around 30 to 45 days to change? Now that figure sounds quite achievable don’t you think? If you have been wanting to make a change to your lifestyle, eating patterns, level of addiction, maybe you’d even like to give away the bad habit of smoking, drugs or alcohol etc, the research shows that if you can make it to the 30 to 45 day mark you have a significantly higher chance of making a lasting change to your entire life.

Here’s The Proof …

… One of the ways this has been proven is by giving astronauts (prior to launching into space) concave lens glasses to wear during all their waking moments, which of course made their vision up-side-down. At around the 30 day mark, most of them could see the images the right way up, so the neuro-pathways in the brain had been re-wired to form new connections.

This scientific research suggests that if you stick with a new habit for around 30 days, you will have success.

Something More Powerful Than Proof …

… But there’s something that works even better, quicker, even easier … not needing proof and simply having FAITH. Having faith that YOU can change, having faith that everything always works out for the best, having faith that inside you are all the answers, having faith that you’ll be drawn to more empowering ways of living.

But It Takes A Commitment …

… a commitment to “feeling good again“.

What Habit Would You Like To Change …?

… Think about what you want to replace your old habit with, what you want to change it into? For example, instead of deciding you need to lose weight, focus on “getting happier“. If you want to give up smoking, focus on “feeling better“. What we FEEL, what we focus on, what we think about, what we talk, what we read, what we write, what we give our attention to determines the end result even more than any action we can take and is a really crucial element of making a permanent change to anything.

Here’s How To Feel Good Again …

… Some people focus on negative things (that make them feel bad) and hope that it will take away the PAIN. But they are like grumpy children having a tantrum, expecting their parents will give in to their whim.

… Other people focus on positive things (that make them feel good) and move towards PLEASURE. They are like happy children making the most of their time, smelling the flowers, dancing in the rain, finding delight in the simple things, expecting that “life” will give them even more.

“The ONLY reason we ever want to change anything is because we think it will make us feel better … when you do whatever it takes to FEEL GOOD NOW, your results will be instant!” – Elizabeth Richardson


How Long Does It Take To Change A Habit?

About The Author: 

Elizabeth currently lives on The Gold Coast Of Australia and is a mother, teacher, business developer and author of the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. She worked as a Professional Counsellor, has trained to lead Group Therapy Workshops, attended many seminars by Robert Kiyosaki (world renowned best selling author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad), studied Strategic Intervention with Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes and is a certified Rebirth Practitioner (Australian Institute Of Rebirthing). These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of total luxury but still plays as a writer professional photographer and web designer. Her passion for living, loving and laughing, remains at the forefront of her focus.

5 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Change A Habit?

  • December 10, 2011 at 1:11 am

    The only reason we want to change is to make us feel better. I think you’re right about that.

  • February 3, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Is there a difference between an addiction and a habit?

  • July 19, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    An addiction is just a habit that’s been practiced longer, with stronger focus, with (perceived or implied) more pleasing results … There’s nothing wrong with addictions, just choose what it is you want to be addicted to – something life enhancing or soul destroying!

  • June 12, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Oh heck, I’m addicted to being fully focused when I work. I love it that I’ve got the space to play on the internet, to find new ways of creating things, to keep up with the changes.
    I’m addicted to doing the things I want and letting other people choose whatever’s right for them too.
    I’m totally addicted to eating whenever I feel like it, to listening more closely to my body, to sleeping whenever I feel tired and walking and walking and walking for ages when I want to clear my mind.
    I love my addictions … and I’m looking forward to adding more to the list xox

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