Below are two collections of quotes. The first are the most recent. The second group are words that I wrote some years ago. My attitudes, conversation and beliefs are continually evolving and some of these right at the bottom of the page don’t really resonate with me anymore. Yet I’ve been inspired to post them all in case they’re messages that perhaps you or someone you know, might want to hear. If it’s for you, it will just “feel right” ~ ER

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  • “May you experience the greatest love at the highest heights, and develop powerful strategies to deal with the depths so you can truly accept, understand and experience ALL of the facets of intimacy.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Do you know, you’ve won the lottery no matter whether you have a ticket or not – YOU’RE ALIVE! Why wait to celebrate!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Your life is a blessing – don’t deny it any longer – live as if it’s true.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “May you continually see that growing in age is also growing in wisdom, that an extra year also means you’ve gained extra life experience and that getting older means you have added more value to the world than you will ever know – with much love from Elizabeth Richardson
  • “WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE? If your immediate answer ISN’T today, you’d better stop and think what you’re doing!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Discipline has NEVER been a long term deterrent, what works is to get so addicted to something good, something healthy, something intrinsically beneficial that it drives you with a joyful enthusiasm towards the life of your dreams.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I don’t ask people “how are you?” anymore, just in case they tell me – these days I ask “what good things have happened to you today?” It enlists a higher quality response and makes people THINK before they respond on autopilot.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Just because you have a thought, doesn’t mean you have to believe it – choose the ones you want and let the rest pass by!”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Don’t aspire to something – CHOOSE it! Then think about it … then acknowledge it in others … then declare it to be so in YOU … then watch as it manifests in your reality … then choose it again … then think about it … and the whole cycle starts again.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “If the only true measure of personal success is happiness … I must be ecstatic, having fun, doing what I’m inspired to do … let the rest take care of itself! Bravo.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “One of the best things we can do for other people is see them better than they see themselves … (I see you, I see the REAL you). Know that they are better than their behaviour … (I know you, I know the REAL you). Love them, regardless of what they’re demonstrating to the world … (I love you, I love the REAL you!)” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Don’t underestimate the value of what you do, whether you SUPPORT and CONNECT with people, whether you PROVOKE DISCUSSION or whether you INSPIRE with words. It is no less important than how anyone else contributes to the lives of others and in some ways it can be even more valuable. When you give from your ‘AUTHENTIC’ character, you give more of yourself in ways that can never be measured. Sometimes even the most outrageous statements can encourage growth THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE ANY OTHER WAY.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “ARE YOU WISHING FOR SOMETHING TO BE BETTER? Don’t just WISH for it – SEE IT! See it all around you – it’s all there if you only look for it. It’s ALL about what you focus on! It’s a waste of energy to notice the sh*t stuff. You’re conscious of what you’re doing – many other people aren’t. Be more concerned with who YOU are being and what you are doing rather than what others are doing. That’s YOUR power and it will change YOUR world and your perception of it!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “IT’S EASY TO FEEL GOOD WHEN OUR LIFE IS GOING WELL – the challenge is to lift ourselves up when the going gets tough … and it will get tough … whether we like it or not, we need problems to make our lives interesting, to grow and expand our consciousness to overcome even the most unimaginable circumstances … for avoiding understanding those circumstances is what got us into this mess in the first place.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “It is given, even before you’ve asked. Not because it was something you sought, but because you had possession of it all along – you simply needed to remember – it is part of who you really are. You are even GREATER than this, and so are all others – they simply need to remember too. Life is a glorious process of remembering and re-creating who we REALLY are in each and every moment. Use this moment wisely, for it is the only moment quite like itself.” – Elizabeth Richardson
    I promise to hold our relationship as sacred and guided by God.
    I promise to be open and honest even if I think it might offend or hurt you.
    I promise to keep my heart open to you no matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing.
    I promise to love and care for you with all my soul for this lifetime and beyond.
    I promise to keep trying, even when I think I’ve done everything I can.
    I promise to give more when I feel like giving up.
    I promise to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.
    I promise to give you more freedom to allow you to be yourself that you have ever experienced before.
    I promise to develop my senses more keenly to anticipate your needs.
    I promise to use whatever it takes to keep the space clear between us.
    I promise to take care of your children as if they are my own.
    I promise to admit when I’ve made a mistake and allow you to make them too.
    I promise to forgive before you’ve even asked.
    I promise to stay with my feminine energy and keep stimulating the passion our relationship is based on.
    I promise to … finish this with you, for they would serve GREATER purpose and be MORE powerful when created by two, with two in mind … “for wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them”. – Elizabeth Richardson
  • I read YOUR words – the words you say hold YOUR POWER – the story you tell indicates where your blockages lie to experiencing the fullness of life. They also hold YOUR answers. Telling the truth shows a transparency that helps me to help YOU at the highest level. In some ways I am a “word reader” not unlike a “mind reader” – think I’ll start a new profession eh! Lol – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Remember that WORDS HAVE POWER – to anger, to comfort to bring people to tears. Knowing that, I wonder what words you would say to other people if you realized they were just a reflection of you?” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “WORDS HAVE GREAT POWER – If you have made generalized statements like “women hurt me” or “men are bastards” it gets to be a self fulfilling prophecy and it’s a lie we tell ourselves in order to justify ‘playing small’ and agreeing with other people who are also playing on that level. Sometimes it takes courage to STOP and evaluate what we are REALLY intending to communicate and show others how to lift their game too.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “You just never know what magic a person might bring to your life or how you might effect theirs for the better … reach out and touch somebodies hand … someone you may never have connected with before … I guarantee the results will be worth it as my new found friends have shown me. Don’t do it with judgment or with expectation – just do it because it is intrinsically what you were placed here on earth to do.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “If you want to move forward with your life – stand up, decide what it is you really want then turn your body, heart and mind towards that direction. If it is TRULY your souls desire, your direction will be clear, for one needs never question that your soul guides you on the journey where it manifests the highest good for all … unless of course you decide it to be a completely different process!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Sometimes AFFIRMATIONS don’t work and can lead to delusion, like when you say you are happy/wealthy/loved etc and you just don’t believe it. AFFIRMATIONS are just “saying the words” – Try INCANTATIONS instead and use your physical body in empowering ways WHILE you’re “saying the words” … run, dance, stand up, fist in the air, during sex (my favourite). Much more powerful to activate the body along with the mind.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Go back into your YESTERDAYS and immerse your thoughts in the wonderful memories of past love. They will soften the influence of PRESENT DAY problems and who knows, your mind may allow you to change the entire financial or spiritual status of your FUTURE.” – (Adapted from Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill)
  • “LOVE is delicious at the beginning of a relationship, as SEX and ROMANCE are naturally involved (and often not acknowledged as part of the whole experience) … as we travel further into the future many say that their LOVE is fading, when I believe it is more likely that sex and romance have been removed from the equation. Knowing this, how does it change your past story?” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “PRAYING is great to strengthen your faith and to get you centered. Point out the miracles of life to other people, from the simple to the profound. Give them a chance to see life a different way, from a different perspective from a broader view. You already know how, just do it in your own unique way!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “WE’RE ALL PERFECT – we’re just expressing it in different ways! See the perfection in other people and watch it manifest in your own reality, along with a peace and tranquility that is as close to bliss as most people ever experience – a challenge of perception I agree – but one well worth pursuing – in fact, is there really anything worth pursuing more?”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Gratitude is a choice … appreciation for whatever it is you focus your thoughts on. I write a list DAILY of the things I appreciate, what I am happy about, what I’ve done well today, what the universe/God has given me, and what would happen for me to realize I am living my ideal life NOW! Very empowering process.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I wonder what would happen if we realized that HUMANS created God, giving rise to an explanation of a concept so confusing that a set of characteristics likened to a judgmental, critical parent, separate from us was adopted … instead of the REAL experience of God most of us resonate with, as loving and accepting us exactly as we are, warts and all. With NO division between good and bad, Catholic and Protestant, straight and gay, men and women, with just a deep recognition of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH that WE ARE ALL ONE!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “My focus usually begins with working on internal responses from a person prior to working with the outside influences – experience tells us that a presenting problem is rarely the real issue.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “… I ask people what it is they NEED right in the moment. For those who are willing to say, I give them “what they are asking for” – WITHOUT JUDGMENT – even the most bizarre requests are met. When you step away from your fear of other people, you begin to realize they are more like you than you think and giving them what THEY NEED without expecting anything in return, is the highest expression of LOVE – for yourself and for the other!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “When a drunk on the street asks you for $2, why not give it to him! For it is in giving without judgment that the REAL BENEFIT is recognized – the lesson may only be realized in the moment of giving – for who would ONLY ask life for $2, when life has an abundance of riches to give, if we only ask.” – Elizabeth Richardson
    To be as thoughtful as you are will brighten someones day.
    To be as free with myself as you are would raise the standard of my entire life.
    To be as beautiful as you are inside and out would expand our ability to change the world. – Written only for you, in the moment, from someone who sees you as very special in this world. – Elizabeth Richardson
  • FOR PAUL –
    Don’t underestimate the value of what you do, by making other people feel loved and supported. It is no less important than how anyone else contributes to the lives of others and in some ways is even more valuable. You lift people up when they feel down, you are their strength when they are weak, you give more of yourself in ways that can never be measured. Thank you for being on the planet. – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Sometimes I think I take life too seriously, try to give more than what people are asking for, from this moment on, I’d like to lighten up a little, create more entertainment and turn CHANGE into fun … for humour and lightness have a much better chance of creating a sustainable difference in the world.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Womens energy is much different to mens … if you treat women as though they SHOULD have the same sex drive as you, then you are denying the chance of finding a feminine woman. A mans sex drive is a wonderful power that could be used with wisdom by seeking a woman who has the opposite energy to yours, that way you will be drawn together like a magnet and not repel each other through sheer ignorance.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “A wise person once told me that it is not as important how a message is sent – as how it is received. Even when my intent is clear, if a person doesn’t receive my message well it is an indication I need to re-assess where I’m coming from!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BELIEVE? There is no doubt that there are people that make us question whether the world would be better off without them, but I ask you this … What would YOU want to be true about another person you don’t understand? Would you want to believe they shouldn’t be allowed to live Or would you want their existence to bless you with a wisdom that carries with it the seeds of truth, joy and love? For that is what I choose to believe and once declared, it becomes intrinsically ‘what is so’.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Sometimes we’re under a mistaken impression that love is only about feeling the good stuff. The greater truth is that “love is the inclusion of ALL emotions, just like white is the inclusion of ALL colours”. Hope you enjoy colourful rainbows, I’m seeing lots of them at the moment!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “We will be truly demonstrating enlightenment when we accept a universal truth that is so enormous that it encompasses all BELIEFS, all RELIGIONS, all SECTS and all FAITHS. When one way isn’t better than another, when all paths lead to the same destination and we all treat each other as ONE. Now that’s an inspiring VISION for the world.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “We will truly be enlightened when we realize we always were! When we see what is inside, outside ourselves and when everything we see outside we also see within … and the cycle completes itself again.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Isn’t it time to slightly alter our perceptions of GOD/ the creator/ the divine (whatever YOU want to call it), to include all that is and all that isn’t, instead of the limiting gender view that pervades many Christian religions? How ever the conversation starts, progresses or completes itself is immaterial. The importance is that the conversation has begun and perceptions are widened to encompass a greater reality.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Why are people more willing to speak of anger and violence than sex and love-making? Silly question really, the obvious answer in the the gross misunderstandings of the true functions of attraction, chemistry and sex-drive. What a waste of some of the greatest and most heightened emotions when we skirt around the issues instead of addressing them publicly … ah, but then ignorance is bliss or is it simply ignorance!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “When we finally accept that pain is an inevitable part of life and DECIDE to live fully instead of simply to AVOID pain, we can each begin to develop strategies to handle those times when we lose faith in our own abilities … when we get shocked into being in the pre-sent moment … when we forget there is a ‘master plan’ to life … and we wonder where on earth this is all leading.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “LOVE IS … the essence of life, the passion that created life, the fuel of a life lived, and when combined with faith and sex, the three form the most POWERFUL combination of creative emotions known to man.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I don’t believe anyones existence is pointless, no matter how angry, how annoying, how bad they may seem to us, for without them, what better way is there to GROW, what reason would we have to CHANGE and how would we know we have LIVED and LOVED and made a real difference in the world.”- Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I am curious about something so let me ask a question, somewhat bluntly … in your most passionate moments or your darkest hours, do you NOT call out to God? Do you not say, “oh my God”? Funny, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t, no matter what their belief.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “CONDITIONAL LOVING – It’s easy to LOVE our friends, our family (well sometimes) and the people who we think are LIKE us – the real challenge and the REAL BENEFITS come when we LOVE our enemies, the people who’ve hurt us or the people we think are UNLIKE US.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “No greater strength comes from turning someone else’s anger or hatred into a love that shines out of US for all the world to see in its magnificence.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “You can’t really hurt SOMEONE ELSE by what you say, but you can hurt YOURSELF by what you withhold.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “When you notice QUALITIES in other people, you’re just looking into the mirror of life and seeing yourself in another form – I’m hoping you focus on the things you like, not the things you don’t. When you see things you don’t, just notice them, try not to react and then use your power of CHOICE to TRANSFORM them into a benefit – not as a reason to slam the other person – for in doing that, you are hurting yourself, more than you may ever know.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “REAL COMMITMENT means allowing the other person the FREEDOM to be themselves … giving to THEM your love and attention unconditionally, AS A GIFT – not as an exchange. That also means sharing your innermost wishes and desires (the darkness and the light) with that ONE person, no matter where your mind, body or soul takes you … which gives them the freedom to do the same with you.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “If you’re playing at the level of “struggling with life” you might like to raise your standards and play at a higher level of “teaching about life”. Even if you haven’t gained a level of mastery (yet) it makes you lift your game and takes you to where you want to go much quicker than to stay playing small … something to think about eh!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Do you avoid talking or even thinking about DEATH? It is the most certain things there is about life … yet we often ‘perish the thought’. WHEN will you decide to really LIVE as if life matters, not because you’re afraid to die?” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I have often held back from telling people the truth, even from saying “I love YOU” when I feel it in the moment, something I’m changing with awareness on a daily basis. I don’t really ask the question ‘why am I doing this?” anymore as the answer tends to keep us stuck in the problem, what I do ask myself is “what am I going to do to change?” A much more direct way of encouraging an empowering NEW way of living.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Memories of love never leave us. They stay and influence us long after the source of stimulation has gone and enduring traces remain in our heart for eternity (or so I’m guessing). Think happy thoughts of that source of stimulation, for in doing so you allow the love to circulate where it effects the universe more than you will ever know.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Making MONEY doesn’t need to be hard, you could simply expand your psyche to include other forms of wealth and abundance, instead of thinking that money is the ONLY form of exchange. Being rich alone is a failure if your relationships are in turmoil and you lack a sense of fulfillment. Successful relationships and successful businesses usually walk hand-in-hand though as they both focus on adding value to others.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “RESPECT is something your earn through demonstration. If you have to ask for it, you’ve already demonstrated lack of understanding the concept!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRUTH AND LIES? … as we experience most things in life as duality (light/dark, big/small, good/bad etc) we need the extremes of truth and lie in order to be able to experience them at all. When placed in a context of forever, no-thing is never a lie. It is just some-thing that has yet to be experienced.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “MOST people have relationships based on RESTRICTIONS – you do this for me and I’ll do this for you – that’s called ‘trading’ and is NOT even close to the highest expression of love. The depth of love, respect and trust will progress to a higher level (and grow even greater) in a relationship when we allow the other person FREEDOM to be themselves, with no expectations of what they should give us in return.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “I’d like to see more people discussing what VALUES they intend to live by BEFORE they enter into a relationship, instead of assuming the other person lives by the same set of guidelines. This is perhaps where we’ve placed too much emphasis on the commandments many religions teach, instead of DECIDING what we hold as important to us personally.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “The only way we can truly solve problems is by using different thoughts, words and actions than what caused the problem in the first place!” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • ” It matters LITTLE to me what inspires people to serve, what matters to me is that they get the opportunity to feel that sense of fulfillment that only comes through GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION beyond oneself.” – Elizabeth Richardson
  • “Thinking about “who you are being” is much more empowering than thinking about “what you are doing”. – Elizabeth Richardson