Ground-Breaking, Revolutionary, World-Class
Intervention and Communication Skills
As Taught and Demonstrated By The Masters
Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes.

“Strategic Intervention allows us to STOP analyzing so much and work with the heart. Not to gain an outcome but to gain INSIGHT. Strategic Intervention allows us the opportunity to “take the pressure off” our responsibility as therapists, coaches, social workers, caring friends etc and firmly places the responsibility on the PERSON YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO HELP which is where it has the most profound impact.” – Elizabeth Richardson


What Is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention is a method (commonly demonstrated by Tony Robbins) for assisting people to find empowering meanings for their life circumstances, discover why they do what they do and how they meet their needs in positive and negative ways, the understanding of which helps to promote sustainable change. It involves the use of MANY disciplines and provides us as coaches with Highly EFFECTIVE, FLEXIBLE and QUICK ACTING LONG-TERM strategies to deal with a wide range of issues.

strategic-intervention-coaches-worldwideStrategic Intervention (also known as SI) is dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Human Needs Psychology, Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, organizational psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, human needs psychology, strategic therapy, social action therapy, direct and indirect negotiation, the third side, structural family therapy, life-cycle theory of business organization, mediation and conflict resolution techniques, organizational psychology and others.

The Founders, Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, observed that Strategic Intervention exists wherever human beings use extraordinary skill to bring about positive personal and cultural change. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi are examples of masterful Strategic Interventionists that transcend religion, culture, institution, job description, or political philosophy (as Strategic Intervention should).

strategic-intervention-coaches-australiaThe tradition of Strategic Intervention (called Human Needs Psychology or HNP) begins with an understanding of HOW we shape all aspects of a human being’s life by giving certain meanings to situations and circumstances. It goes even further by explaining clearly WHY We Do What We Do and HOW we meet our basic human needs in both positive and negative ways. Both Robbins and Madanes have been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson’s creative breakthroughs in human intervention.

They are also grounded in the work of the Gregory Bateson group at the Mental Research Institute, which in the late 1950’s originated the new paradigm of interactional and systemic studies, which became a watershed in the development of disciplines such as game theory, cybernetics, neurolinguistics, organizational psychology, management psychology, and dozens of other systemic disciplines.


“Strategic Intervention provides simple understanding and solutions
that REALLY deliver more benefit, with less effort,
in a short space of time.”

What Is Human Needs Psychology?

Human Needs Psychology is a practical way of discovering what motivates each person to behave, react and relate in the way they do. It provides us with a compendium of effective strategies for promoting both individual and group change.

Most problems can be resolved by clarifying our beliefs, values and purpose, and by making strategic decisions and taking specific action. These problems then tend to be solved most effectively as a result of –

  • a person’s increased growth,
  • understanding the meaning they give to circumstances, situations and occurrences,
  • taking responsibility for how they’ve perceived their life,
  • mastering his or her emotions,
  • recognizing how they meet their 6 human needs and deciding to meet their needs in positive rather than negative ways,
  • making decisions that are aligned with what they truly desire with a focus on growth and contribution,
  • choosing a life purpose and living in alignment with that purpose.

“The goal of Human Needs Psychology is to give the interventionist skillful and non-invasive means for promoting rapid, sustainable change and personal growth.”


About The Founders

Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for over 30 years and is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround and peak performance. He has impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 nations, has spoken for such distinguished audiences as the British Parliament, Harvard Business School, and the World Economic Forum.

Credited with initiating the Life Coaching industry, Tony Robbins was recognized by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World,” by American Express as one of the “Top 6 Business Leaders in the World” to coach their entrepreneurial clients and by the Harvard Business School Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus.”

His bestselling books Unlimited Power and Unleash The Giant Within introduced a new philosophy that led him to develop a series of principles and tools called Human Needs Psychology. It is in applying these principles one-on-one that he is able to lead people to extraordinary results, even in the face of dire challenges.

Since 2002, Anthony Robbins has partnered with one of the top 20 influential therapists in the world, Cloe Madanes and together they formed the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, which is dedicated innovating cutting-edge strategic solutions to the most pervasive and difficult problems. This cross-disciplinary project combines their two legacies, distilling the most swift, effective, and practical strategic intervention methods from a variety of fields.

Cloé Madanes is a world-renowned innovator and teacher of family and brief therapy. She was a direct student of intervention master Milton Erickson and was one of the originators of the strategic approach. She is the author of seven books that are classics in the field and are taught in virtually every graduate school in family therapy: Strategic Family Therapy; Behind the One-Way Mirror; Sex, Love, and Violence; The Secret Meaning of Money; The Violence of Men; The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist, and Systemic Thinker; and Relationship Breakthrough.

Cloe’s strategic methods have created remarkably swift, effective, and lasting solutions to the whole range of human challenges, from the problems of the very poor, to so-called “chronic” problems such as eating disorders and sexual abuse, to the challenges faced by Senators, Fortune 500 CEOs, bestselling authors, and billionaires.

Mark Peysha is the CEO of the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training Program.

In 2002 Mark left his Harvard Ph.D. program for the chance to join Cloe and Tony at the inception of the Robbins-Madanes Center. He has co-authored, produced, and directed well over thirty intervention films for the Robbins-Madanes Center as well as numerous training programs, including the Ultimate Relationship Program.

“In late 2009, I became part of the Strategic Intervention Founding Class receiving personal mentorship in this exclusive Anthony Robbins’ coach training system, which is the first of its type in the world. The results in my personal life have been phenomenal and the impact these techniques have had on the diagnosis of a medical condition have been nothing short of extraordinary”.

“The extensive research and experience both Tony and Cloé have along with their acceptance of so many other useful disciplines, provides us with Highly EFFECTIVE, FLEXIBLE and QUICK ACTING LONG-TERM strategies to deal with a wide range of issues, including Health, Emotions, Relationships, Family, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Life Coaching, Parenting, Finances, Time, Grief and Spirituality etc. To request an online consultation OR to find out more about this exceptional Training Program, please go to Robbins Madanes Training”.

Elizabeth Richardson