I spent my New Years Eve much differently to how I would have intended, had I actually set a specific intention.

I’ve been using a process where at the beginning of each day I set my intentions – the instructions suggested that I make them small and easily achievable so I get to feel successful. For some people an intention might be simply to “get out of bed” or “go to work feeling happy”. For me, I tend to go to extremes so I can FEEL significant. My intention for New Years Eve was to “add massive value to the world”.

That night, I slept on the floor of a friends hospital room (he’s elderly, had been injured in a fall, suffering with Dementia and was in a great deal of pain, both mentally and physically, could only walk a few short steps with the aid of a “walker”, was dribbling from the side of the mouth and barely coherent, looking pale, unshaven and disorientated). The doctor had prescribed Valium to calm him after a severe aggressive outburst because he was restrained in bed and couldn’t get up to go to the toilet as he normally would have. I was deeply concerned his condition would worsen to the point he would not leave the hospital alive so I maintained a position of guard beside his bed, requested that the Valium be stopped and talked with him about changing his thoughts.

In the morning he asked me what we would do for the day. When I asked him what he wanted to do he replied by saying he really wanted to go home. I told him that I supported his goal 100% but that I would NOT sign him out of the hospital and that HE would have to PROVE to the medical staff that he was MORE THAN CAPABLE to be going home today. He had three hours to prepare himself by changing his outward appearance and his reactions of “groaning about the pain”.

Miracles do happen. We gave him a bath and together we worked on re-framing his thoughts and the way he talked about his condition. As a consequence, his behaviour changed dramatically and when the doctor arrived to assess his situation he was given permission to “go home” with the doctors blessing. Of course there is much more to this story, but the gist of it is this – if you set an intention and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, the power that is sets in motion leaves the space open for miracles to occur. Work with your capabilities NOT with your limitations and together we can raise the level of what other people believe is possible.

I achieved my intention of adding massive value to the world that day, yet I also take the time to set smaller intentions too. There is really NO intention that is better or bigger than another, the benefit is in continuing to create opportunities to feel successful … try it for yourself.

“You can also start by making sure your intentions are fulfilled.
You can make peace with things being EXACTLY as they are!”

Tell us your story of success or simply use this space to set some intentions. What Do You Intend To Achieve This Year, This Month, This Day?


What Do You Intend To Achieve This Year, This Month, This Day?

About The Author: 

Elizabeth currently lives on The Gold Coast Of Australia and is a mother, teacher, business developer and author of the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. She worked as a Professional Counsellor, has trained to lead Group Therapy Workshops, attended many seminars by Robert Kiyosaki (world renowned best selling author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad), studied Strategic Intervention with Anthony Robbins and Cloé Madanes and is a certified Rebirth Practitioner (Australian Institute Of Rebirthing). These days Elizabeth enjoys a life of total luxury but still plays as a writer professional photographer and web designer. Her passion for living, loving and laughing, remains at the forefront of her focus.

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